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Helping you to see yourself in a new light and create the change you want

Croeso – Welcome to NEWiD Coaching and Therapy

Are you looking to create a positive change in your life? Cope better? Improve your performance? Feel less stuck? Overcome a fear or stressful life event?

Perhaps you have already tried to find a solution and you are not making the progress you would like? Or maybe you are facing a new challenge and are not sure how to tackle it?

What you are sure about is that you want to move in a positive direction that’s right for you. One where the things you hope for can be achieved.


I’m Jo Morgan, founder of NEWiD Coaching and Therapy. I aim to help you find a pathway to quick and sustainable solutions.

I will meet you where you are and together we can construct a route towards your preferred future. Like a taxi driver my job is not to ask you where you have been, but to find out where you would like to go. Once this is established, we can get to work. Together we can concentrate on building solutions, not on what has caused the problem or has led to that feeling of being stuck.

Once we’re on the road, you decide when you have reached your destination.

You can call me on 07522 836800 for a free, no obligation chat to find out more about how I may be able to help you.  

So why NEWiD?

Newid (pronounced Ne – as in net and wid) is Welsh for change. Change happens all the time and we can have an influence on this depending on the way we see ourselves. If we choose to notice our strengths and resources and recall previous success stories we are creating an authentic version of ourselves that can achieve our hopes and goals. A new ID, perhaps.

“I have benefitted so much; I can’t imagine how much more I could have gained from it face-to-face. Personally, I felt so relaxed in my own surroundings which was a plus, especially in the early days of therapy.” S.H.

Online or In-Person Coaching & Therapy

I offer sessions in-person or online via a safe and secure platform which means you can access my services from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

What clients say

I have never experienced a session like Jo’s – an hour that didn’t feel like an hour at all!

This one session with Jo was so powerful and effective, that three months down the line my sense of self and purpose remains intact and embedded; the positive mindset and solutions that Jo encouraged me to find have enabled me to achieve things that a few months ago truly felt impossible. Of course, there are moments when self-doubt, pressures and problems overwhelm, but I now know the pathway Jo helped me to create that guides me back.

Powerful but relaxed, gently led with focused questions and provocations that invited me to name what I wanted, Jo was persistent, encouraging and warm. In this session no suggestions or answers were offered, instead Jo encouraged me to look at my present and consider my future. My focus moved away from fears and failures to hopes and potential. Rather than dwelling on negative past experiences she helped me remember the positive experiences that proved that what I hoped for was possible. Jo is amazing at creating a safe environment in which she offers you the opportunity to explore what we can do to make things better. She accompanies us on this journey and helps us process and express our ideas sensitively.

I absolutely recommend NEWiD Coaching and Therapy services and know they would help many of us move forward in different aspects of our lives. In these sessions, Jo doesn’t give you solutions but helps you find your own and because these solutions come from you, they make complete sense and are totally workable.

Jo has a beautiful gift in guiding you with lightness and care, but make no mistake, her session is so powerful that even now, it still resonates with me and continues to have a deeply positive effect on my life. “


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NEWiD Coaching and Therapy proudly supports members of the LGBTQ+ Community. Clients can choose this service with confidence, knowing that I will provide a safe, respectful and non-judgemental environment.